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Best Maxillofacial Surgeon In Agra

Awarded by : Mr. Kapil Dev

Best Maxillofacial Surgeon In Agra

Awarded by : Mohammad Azharuddin


Dr. Bhupendra Harjani Professor & HOD
1. Approach to Malunited Fractures in Maxillofacial region Guident, June 2010.
2. Localization and Surgical Removal of Foreign Body in Maxillofacial region Guident, Feb 2011.
3. Ectopic third molar in Maxillary Sinus National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery, Vol. 2/ issue2/Jul- Dec 2011.
4. Maxillary Osteomyelitis in Healthy Patient due to Injudicious Extraction attempt by quack Guident, May 2011.
5. Capsaicin overview its use in Dentistry, Guident Dec 2011.
6. Surgical Intervention of TMJ ankylosis.Temporalis Superficial Fascia Flap Guident, Oct 2011.
7. Locking v/s Nonlocking Reconstruction plates in Mandibular Reconstruction National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery Vol-3/issue-2/Jul- Dec 2012.
8. The use of Buccal fat pad for Reconstruction of Oral Defects: Review of the Literature and report of cases Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery Vol-11/issue-2/ June 2012.
9. Improving the Appearance of Face with segmental Bijaw Orthognathic Surgery Guident, July 2013.
10. Peripheralossifying Fibroma A case report Guident, Mar 2014.
11. Role of Peripheral Neurectomies in Trigeminal Neuralgia: A retrospective study, K.D. Dental College Journal of Dental Sciences and Research, Vol-1/number-1I May2015.
12. New Technique for closure of Oro Nasal Fistula “BRAJ FLAP” (University Journal of Dental Sciences. A.M.U. Aligarh 2017).
13. A Study on Retrospective Analysis of Mandibular Fractures, The Cusp January june 2017.
14. Odontogenic myxoma of Maxill A case report and review of Literature University Journal of Dental Sciences, A.M.U.Aligarh. Vol-2/No-3/2017.
15. Prospective study to measures and compare Bite Force in Patients with Mandibular Fracture treated with 2.4mm Locking plate vs 2.7mm Nonlocking plate, International Journal of Science Research, Vol-7/issue-8/Aug- 2018.
16. Study of incidence and Mortality rates among the neonates with sepsis: A study from single Centre of Agra Vol-4/issue-2/ 2019.
17. Study of incidence of Jaundice in Neonates: A single Centre study from Agra Uttar Pradesh Vol-4/issue-3/ 2019
18. Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Biogenic Nanomaterials: Nanotechnology for Energy and Environmental Engineering Publisher: Springer International Publishing
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